The Fights EP, the latest effort by DC-based singer-songwriter Christina Roberts, is a soulful exploration of the convictions, struggles and so many remaining questions of an idealist. Christina wrote the song The Fights in response to jarring images of war that fill our current lives. But The Fights also serves to thread these five powerful tracks together. What does it look like to live as an idealist inside the sophomore years of adulthood? Hope, love, striving, longing — these are The Fights.

The EP is launched by Do You Think It Might Rain, written for Christina's grandmother. Christina's great grandfather was a rancher in the dry caliche country of West Texas. "My grandmother says that he would casually ask, to just about anyone who he spoke with on a daily basis, 'Do you think it might rain?' And often he would look toward the horizon and ask the question to no one in particular. The arrival and absence of the rain was everything to the ranch. And so for him, asking about the rain was just another way of asking, 'Do you think we'll be okay?' Our own survival forever in mind, I think we all find ways to ask this question," says Christina.

These 5 songs represent what has been sifted from the last few years of Christina's songwriting. "The very best of what I have to offer — my most coherent observations, my favorite melodies, my poetry — that's all that I took into the studio. I'm proud of this EP and would consider its greatest accomplishment to live within the treasured music collections of people who care about people and about what happens in the world."

Recorded at the Red Shack Recording Studio in Houston over 4 days in late December 2014, The Fights EP is lifted by contributions from co-producer Rock Romano and from the band: electric guitarist Marion Aquilina, drummer Walter Cross, bassist Brian Rooney and pianist Randy Wall. In addition to being made available for free download via SoundCloud, The Fights EP is available for purchase through iTunes and CD Baby.


Photograph: The Ramseys Photography

Musician: Christina Roberts