The Fights EP

+ Do you think it might rain

Do you think it might rain
Do you think we might thrive
Is the hope that we hold tied strongly enough
To what happens in life

Do you think it might rain
All through the night
So we wake up in the morning
To find our dreaming arrived

Is the sea gonna part
Will the manna come down
Is this plane gonna fly like the Wrights advertised
Or fall to the ground
There’s a record of things
Workin’ out
But it’s hard to recall it
When enduring a drought

Pull me along
Fortify me
When there’s nothing at all
To build my belief
This is a profession
Of a failure to calm
Or quiet a question

+ The Fights

New ways of sorting trouble
A modern day is here
We don't have that old need for blood
History lay in rubble
Let it disappear
They weren't civilized like us

But that was wise like a child
Shielded and sheltered from the thorns
That keep the roses growing wild
Wise like a child
Oh my innocence
I grew up between the fights

Oh oh oh
The fights
Oh oh oh

Because I didn't see it
Thought it wasn't there
Thought progress rescued us
Sure I heard of trouble
Trouble over there
Far away enough

If you can get yourself born and grown up
Inside a lovely peacetime
You may look upon
All the fighting
As if it hasn't been there
Since people arrived

+ So Little Is Captured

In the air
Above the clouds
And then among the stars that are ours
Beyond our time
Undetected by
Those around our lives
All except the stars that are ours

So little is captured
In history, in stories, in memories
The last way to tell you
I love you
Was to tell you I
Would never do to you
What you done to me

I spoke
Those hidden words
And no one heard them
No one but the stars that are ours
Oh I cried
I cried that lie
Lied to myself
Thank heavens for the stars that are ours

Its such a comfort
To know the stars
Are watching over
Every part of who we are

It's such a comfort
That nothing is lost
That everything happens
Whether we notice or not

+ Getting By

Is it what I want
Or what there's access to
A safer passage and a
Slip through
Fewer decisions make the
Right move
Is it what I want
Or what there's access to

Is it what I think
Or what the survey said
Widespread opinion by which
I'm led
Why disagree when I'm so
Well fed
And all my thinking needs are
Well met

Pivot where you're able
So you're seated at the table
With the proper set

Getting by
Takes me apart
Takes all my education
To bury my want
Getting By
Will not be enough
Time is a taker
You've got to grab what you love

So I hear you say that there's an industry
And that my skill set meets the right need
That kind of thinking makes my eyes bleed
Chilling instructions for machinery

I know I know that there are bills to pay
And they grow larger with the growth of my tastes
But I can hold the Joneses at bay
And sit on simpler things for
My sake

Love love
Grab what you love

+ In the Open Fields

Freedom is so beautiful
Until its solitude
Dims the colors and their hues

Freedom is a siren's call
Until her arms swing so wide open
They can't hold you anymore

So wrap me up tightly in a ball
Make my life small and powerful
Draw me away from where I've been

In the open fields
Of my wandering
Where nothing gets
Too close to me
In the open fields

Struggling is so beautiful
Until its youthful vector ages
And the struggle's gotten old

Home fires and their warming glow
Are moving hard and fast and lighting
My desire to be known